DAVIDTS/SECC offers jewellery cases, suitcases and shopping carts that have been tested and meet the characteristics reflected on the label accompanying the product.

Each product has a reference number and a serial number found on a fabric label inside the product or printed directly below the jewellery cases or at the bottom of the tray in a shopping cart bag.

For each reference and series of products, the features are listed on a label on which the reference number and the EAN product code are included.

If a problem arises in a DAVIDTS/SECC product whose origin is due to a manufacturing defect, DAVIDTS/SECC agrees at its expense to repair or replace the product within the terms and conditions of this guarantee.

The duration of the guarantee is indicated on the label accompanying the product and in our official catalogue.

Only manufacturing defects are covered by our guarantee. The guarantee does not cover damage and malfunctions resulting from the improper use of the product, the exposure to extreme temperatures, dipping or unreasonable exposure to water, damage caused by airlines during loading and transhipment (for travel luggage and briefcases), accidents, wear due to friction, damage caused by chemicals such as acids or solvents.

The maintenance and repairs out of guarantee can be made by a company of your choice. The interventions under the guarantee period may only be carried out by the distributor or seller offering the product.

To benefit from the guarantee, you must provide the till receipt, invoice or original purchase receipt. The distributor will then determine whether the problem is covered by the DAVIDTS/SECC guarantee or not.

If the guarantee applies, DAVIDTS/SECC will determine whether the DAVIDTS /SECC product will be repaired or replaced. If the product to be replaced is no longer available, DAVIDTS /SECC will replace it with a similar product. The repair can sometimes be limited to the replacement of the defective part. The repairs and replacements within the period of the guarantee are paid by DAVIDTS/SECC.

The guarantee is limited only to the value of the product. The indirect damages and incidental damages are excluded from the guarantee. Adjustments or changes made in the product are not covered by the guarantee.

If your luggage was damaged by a third party and in particular by an airline during a plane trip, please, first of all, make a complaint at the claims office (Baggage claim) from the airport when you have collected your luggage from the conveyor belt and before passing through customs.

The zippers and closures are not a guarantee of the inviolability of your luggage. Your luggage should always be monitored. They are only used to prevent accidental opening of your luggage. If your luggage has been forced open by a staff member of the airline or customs authority, please submit a complaint to the department concerned before passing through customs.

The DAVIDTS/SECC guarantee is a commercial guarantee offered by the manufacturer. Depending on the country, there could be a specific legal guarantee applied. It is possible that certain exclusions contained in this guarantee may not apply.